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Making things is what I have always enjoyed doing. Seeing things coming together in camera is always a magical feeling for me. I begin everything I make with a few sentences – it helps steer my creative process and stops me wobbling off in weird directions. I have a dream – to see film/TV making in Africa grades amongst the best pictures in anywhere in the world. , or search:

              Thanks to Bruno McKellar: Toronto Pictures film academy-Canada

Reward for modest effort in TV production in the year 2011 from a satellite TV Channel: LOVEWORLDPLUS- Lagos Nigeria.

I have developed competencies in various aspects of Film/TV production. This allows me to take on projects from the content development stage (scripting, storyboarding, shooting, editing etc. ) to the finishing stage

LINE DIRECTING - OUTSTANDING TV shows, Commercials, Live broadcast etc. SPORTS MAGAZINE SHOW- TV programming at its best!

GLOBAL FOOTBALL: scripting, produced, and directed; Loveworldplus Station:

SPOTLIGHT-TV PROGRAM: For people who dream, idealize, and have put their ideas to use

SPOTLIGHT: produced, and directed for all seasons; guest featured on the are Pastor Emma, Dcn Jide Ofor, Dcn Ikenna, dcns Vivian, Mr Osilowo, Mr. Clifford, to mention but few.
I love this kind of work where creativity speaks. I enjoyed getting involved in projects wherever I could. My recent movie project; THE MANIFESTATION, written, produced,and directed.... We all know how vibe the film making is in Africa – We love their humorous scripts, their warmth for story-telling and their passion to portrait our cultural heritage, beliefs and the way of life through our movies majorly in Nigeria. So it’s no surprise that Nigeria is now the second largest producer of films in the world.

Stephen Ighabor has continued to amaze many by showing his many Sides as a writer, producer, and a director. His works as a filmmaker has enabled him have a good eyes and understanding for dramatic story telling, Enabling us enjoy this work from start to finish. The award winning producer directed the manifestation.
’At a point i really thought about it as directing has been kind of random really. Like i didn’t sign in for it but i feel super comfortable doing it. I’d say I’d be happy to but it would depend on the particular situation, here I am doing what I love’’

Don’t shoot what you think others want to see, shoot what YOU want to see and what YOU love, if you do it right, and are enthusiastic enough about it, others will want to see it too.
A good way to approach a script, however, is in the beginning to try and tell the story purely without dialogue. That will give you a good sense what the story or scene is about. I learnt that at film school, and I’m sharing that knowledge totally free of charge
The journey of becoming a filmmaker/director has been one I have pursued since I was 10 years old. The road has been full of twists and turns but the journey has been nothing short of compulsive. I’m not going to speak in clever soliloquies and I don’t know how to answer questions about what got me to this point except to say that I love what I’m doing and will stop when the love is gone. Hope that never happens.

                                               LOCATION WITH OSITA


My delight is the high standards i put in all my works, quality is never compromised .bringing to the table a wealth of experience from working within and outside Nigeria
In general I love the moment when everything starts to come together before the shoot. You have a vision and suddenly you start to bring it to life It’s amazing. This motivates me a lot for the shoot itself.

Working with Van Vicker in Accra Ghana on his second major role in a movie-CROSS MY HEART produced by Mike yeboa 2006 was a delight.

featuring: Van vicker, Jakie Apiah, Anko Smirt etc..

HER EXCELLENCY Was an awesome experience working with Jackie Appiah, Kasu Siniro,

The making of the first movie with Nadia Buhari-MUMMY’S DAUGHTER produced by Venus Films (left side) ROYAL BATTLE produced by Gupado films, other movie done in Ghana includes , BEYONCE the president daughter, and RETURN OF BEYONCE.

Friday night produced by sky Orange production        
Assistant director & Video editor

                                                             Production supervisor
THE AGONY OF THE CHRIST is one of my big movie done in Ghana produced by Venus films Directing is not difficult for me. It’s amazing because I see the process of filmmaking as opportunity to create something in a team. I love to work with people. It’s all about psychology. I am the person with the vision which is going to be realized. And that’s a great honor for me.


Every single decision in the process of filmmaking is important. There are no less or more important decisions. Have a vision, think, listen to your creative heads-of-departments, think again, then listen to your inner voice and make a final decision.

Broadcasting @ its BEST Ram burg
Something for a good cause; you quest for more; my love production propelled me into live broadcast with SUPER SPORTS the world of champions as EVS Operator

Live matches @ OB; Studio productions- EVS: thanks to super Sports & media solution.

Piches Piotion Pictures
We are pioneering change and advocating for excellence in all indigenous video production.
Our services include:
Live broadcasting ,Television commercials, Infomercials ,Music videos, Movie production, Content development and Scripting Documentary production Corporate event videos Film score production Live streaming & video conferences. 
Mobile: +2348052229002 +2348039589164.

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